Hall of Fame

The Steamboat Classic has a strong history, not only in the form of running excellence, but also in our strong volunteer base.  The exceptional members of our Steamboat volunteer and running family have been inducted into the Hall of Fame.

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1998 (Charter Members),Arturo Barrios

,Beverly Enslow

,Lorraine Moller

,Steve Shostrom

,Priscilla Welch

1999,Carol Cook

,Tim Donovan

2000,Ed McGraw

,Mark Plaatjes

2001,Rod DeHaven

,Colleen DeReuck

2002,Joyce Chepchumba

,Glenn Herold

2003,Khalid Khannouchi

,Jerry Kokesh

2004,Hon. James Maloof (ret.)

,Suzanne Tuffey

2005,Martyn Brewer

,Wanda Panfil

2006,Paul Christman

,Lornah Kipalgat

2007,Sue Lee

,Greg White

2008,Steve Jones

,Carey Pinkowski

,Mel Schriefer

2009,Constantina Dita

2010,Glenn Latimer

2011,Betsy Silzer

2012,Gary Childs

2013,Mary Boone

2014,Ray LaHood

2015,Jerry Reibling

2016,Gary Wesley