The goal of the Steamboat Classic is to provide a world-class race experience.  The goal of Running Central, the Illinois Valley Striders, and ShaZam Racing is to continue to provide the highest quality of training programs for the whole community. Consequently, we are excited to introduce our entirely revamped training program platform for 2017!!!!

This NEW robust series of training programs provide quality and relevant coaching in order to nurture, support, and inspire people of all ages and abilities to improve their overall health and wellness. That is why we are broadening the scope and increasing the number and frequency of training programs. These programs are designed to be specific to your individual goals and personal availability.

This series of training programs is designed to provide participants with a systematic series of programs. Having a systematic and progressive program structure will provide participants a chance to progress to the next level of training in order to accomplish new and exciting goals!  Therefore, we are offering the community a 4-Tier training platform that cycles throughout the year.

4-Tier Training Platform

NO More Excuses 5k Training

This 10-week program is to help people get started on the right foot. It begins as a walking program and progresses into a run-walk and then run program. This beginner program is for people of ALL ages who are getting started in their health and fitness journey and are starting from square one.

RC Training 5k/10k Training

This 12 week program is for people who can currently run/jog 30 minutes non-stop and would like to improve their fitness and conditioning. This is a program that can also be geared toward bettering your 5k-10k performances.

RC Training for ½ Marathon & Marathon

This 14 week program is for people who are currently running ~15 – 20+ miles per week and would like to run their first 15K, half marathon, or full marathon or for those who are looking to improve upon their current 15K, half marathon, or full marathon times.

BDI (Blair-Dog International) Training

This program focuses on heart-rate training and is contracted on a month-to-month basis. It is for dedicated and self-motivated (not to be confused with “talented,” “gifted,” or “pace per mile”) runners who are currently running 20+ miles per week and are looking to push themselves to their highest potential.

Please note that NONE of these programs have minimums for ability or pace-per-mile.  These programs are inclusive to ALL people, ALL ages, ALL ability levels provided you have the appropriate base line fitness (ie, for the 5K/10K training, you are able to continually run for 30 minutes non-stop) to begin the program.


To complement these training programs, the Illinois Valley Striders will be hosting FREE community runs and social gatherings EVERY Wednesday night beginning Feb 15th.  Please watch the IVS Facebook page for location details as these locations will vary throughout the year.

Running Central will be providing FREE Saturday long runs to the community EVERY Saturday throughout the year starting on February 18th. Please watch the Running Central Facebook page as these locations will vary throughout the year.

For detailed information regarding these new programs and to REGISTER, please visit the Running Central website. 

If you are interested in being a coach or captain of one of the programs, please follow the link on the website.